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electric car residential charging station

Electric Car Charging Station Installation

Don't risk voiding your electric vehicle or charging station warranty! Always hire a trained, certified, and licensed electrician to install your home charging station. Our licensed electricians ensure your EV Charging Station equipment is installed safely and properly, so you can enjoy your electric vehicle worry-free.

Choose the Perfect EV Charging Station for Your Needs

Level 1

120 Volt

Level 1  doesn't require a charging station, simply plug into a 120-volt outlet and charge your car overnight.

Level 2


The level 2 charging is faster and only takes 8 to 10 hours for a full charge. 

Level 2 Rapid Charge


Ideal for fast paced home, the level 2 Rapid charge option can fully charge your car in just 2.5 to 6 hours!

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The EV Charging Station Installation Process

STEP 1: Call 203-853-0099 for free consultation and estimate.

STEP 2: Some towns require a permit. If needed we will pull the permit on the owner's behalf.

STEP 3: One of our licensed electricians will install your EV Charging station. The process usually takes between 3-4 hours.

STEP 4: If required by your town, we will arrange for an inspection.

STEP 5: Once installation and inspection, if needed, is complete, we will show the owner how to operator their new charger.

Contact us via email or phone (203)-853-0099 for all your residential electrical needs. You will be glad you did!

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