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Residential electricians with experience you can trust

After 25 years of electrical work, one would think, “we’ve seen it all”. Not so. Each day is a new challenge, which keeps the work interesting and us on our toes.


The gambit of our work entails new construction, renovations, emergency repairs when there are power outages, to simply changing a hard to reach light bulb. We have access to a wide range of products and specialty tools which enable us to do the work efficiently. We will work for the business or homeowner on an as-needed basis, along with your architect or contractor. A simple phone call or e-mail for a request for service or quotation is all that is needed.

Contact us via email or phone (203)-853-0099 for all your residential electrical needs. You will be glad you did!

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ceiling fan electrical installation
nest electrical installation
wall outlet with usb ports
stove vent fan installation
edison lightbulb chandelier installation

We offer residential services that include:

  • New home construction & remodeling

  • New electrical services 

  • Service upgrades

  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

  • Appliance wiring

  • HVAC wiring

  • Computer wiring

  • Boilers

  • Air Conditioning

  • General Outlet Installation

  • Swimming Pools

  • Telephone wiring

  • Television and CATV wiring

  • Ceiling fan installation

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